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Shall Share My Work
« on: February 14, 2013, 03:27 PM »
I would like to share the three original songs, and one cover, that I have done with Vocaloid so far. The three original songs all have stories attached to them so they are a little bit more than just a song. The cover of "Danny Boy" that I featured Avanna in is, so far, the only cover I have done. Might do more but I'm more interested in doing original work. I'm something of a newcomer to the whole vocal synthesis thing but always open to critique (positive >_> ). Hope you like at least one of these songs.

He Lives (Ft. Oliver) - 

He Lives (Ft. Oliver)
  (Story is in the video description)

Karma (Ft. Big Al) - (Don't mind the picture, it was a quick edit in GIMP >_> )

Karma (Feat. Big Al) Small | Large
  (See description of video for the story and lyrics)

Dream Waltz (Feat. Oliver & Avanna) - no video yet

Danny Boy (Avanna Cover) -

Danny Boy (Avanna Cover) Small | Large
  (See description for lyrics and credits x) )

Hope you like at least one of these!

More songs in the works!

(Am I allowed to just modify this first post whenever I make more new originals? Or am I allowed to multi-post in this thread since it's supposed to promote my work?)
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